HOHM RECORDINGS and GIACOMELLI are pleased to announce another intersection of audio spacetime as the track "Opus I (Geodesic Homes)" has been selected to appear on Italy's UNEXPLAINED SOUNDS year-end compilation. From compiler Sonologyst's liner notes:

"After one year since Unexplained Sounds Group released the "first annual report", I've been in touch with many musicians working on different projects, including some surveys focused on countries like Iran, Portugal, Russia and so on. Also I found a lot of inspiration and new ideas by running "The Recognition Test" radio program, through which I went deep into music I couldn't include in any survey. And that was an important starting point to curate this new 2016 overview on the worlwide experimental and alternative music scene. It's based on hundreds of opinions exchanges, talks, reading, dreaming, hard work days, sleepless nights, and so many nice relationships with musicians, artists, reviewers, listeners, friends. An intense experience I'm pleased and honored to share through this compilation, to highlight once again, the great effort of creativity and musical research bright people do around the world."

Listen & download on bandcamp and be sure to follow UNEXPLAINED SOUNDS for the next dreamy release!