HOHM RECORDINGS and GIACOMELLI are pleased to announce an excerpt from the new OPUS I-IV LP will be included on a new release from Italian label UNEXPLAINED SOUNDS.

From the liner notes:
"Meditative music listening is like practicing a form of consciously mitigated listening. One learns to remove cognitive filters in order to experience deeper forms of audition. This form of "nonjudgmental perception" was first introduced to western art music in the 1950s by John Cage, who appropriated it from Zen Buddhism. The purpose of nonjudgmental perception in Zen is to break down the boundaries between perceiver and the perceived. When the perceiver and the perceived are two, the ego persists in its function of differentiating and prevents the emergence of a full and creative awareness; non differentiation (or nonjudgmental perception) seeks to break down the boundaries between perceiver as subject and perceived as object. The interpenetration of the two gives rise to a mind of harmony and the attainment of creativity. 
This compilation contains some contemporary pieces by musicians who take into account that concept in their music, giving to the listeners an experience of full unity with the musical matter."

Sounds great! If you haven't picked up OPUS I-IV yet, you can head over to the UNEXPLAINED SOUNDS site to listen to "Opus IV (Evening Cadenza)" on the MEDITATION ROOM release. Click here: https://unexplainedsoundsgroup.bandcamp.com/album/meditation-room