Beach Sloth reviews Weather Calculator

"With Weather Calculator, Giacomelli crafts a sound that feels both timeless and futuristic in nature." says Beach Sloth of the new LP from Giacomelli. 

Read the rest of the glowing review here, and stream Weather Calculator from your favorite app right now:

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Destroy//Exist Premieres Giacomelli's "Nimbus Villainy"

"...a kraut-recalling, sinister minimal track that evokes the ingenuity in the early works of Kraftwerk and the fervent colorfulness of Tangerine Dream" raves Destroy//Exist in their exclusive premiere of "Nimbus Villainy", the debut single from Giacomelli's latest epic synth suite, the upcoming Weather Calculator LP.

Listen here!

Somewherecold interviews Giacomelli


In the lead up to the spring release of the Weather Calculator synthsuite, Giacomelli sits down with Somewherecold for a chat about his approaches to synthesis with the Micromoog and Microkorg on my his two albums, Loose Canons 2.0 and Opus I-IV, as well as a general update of musical projects . Read the interview here!


HOHM RECORDINGS and GIACOMELLI are pleased to announce another intersection of audio spacetime as the track "Opus I (Geodesic Homes)" has been selected to appear on Italy's UNEXPLAINED SOUNDS year-end compilation. From compiler Sonologyst's liner notes:

"After one year since Unexplained Sounds Group released the "first annual report", I've been in touch with many musicians working on different projects, including some surveys focused on countries like Iran, Portugal, Russia and so on. Also I found a lot of inspiration and new ideas by running "The Recognition Test" radio program, through which I went deep into music I couldn't include in any survey. And that was an important starting point to curate this new 2016 overview on the worlwide experimental and alternative music scene. It's based on hundreds of opinions exchanges, talks, reading, dreaming, hard work days, sleepless nights, and so many nice relationships with musicians, artists, reviewers, listeners, friends. An intense experience I'm pleased and honored to share through this compilation, to highlight once again, the great effort of creativity and musical research bright people do around the world."

Listen & download on bandcamp and be sure to follow UNEXPLAINED SOUNDS for the next dreamy release!


The fellas in See Jams are at it again and this time they’ve prepared an album of 10 new originals of just about every style of popular American music, from orchestral pop to surf to synthpop to blues to country to psychedelic space jams. Experience it all at

Full tracklist as follows:

  1. America is Beautiful
  2. Hello Sunshine
  3. Nothing to Lose
  4. A Distant Voice
  5. Reach the Beach
  6. Sexy Animal
  7. The Dark Before Dawn
  8. Time is Money
  9. The Cephalopod
  10. Long Black Cadillac

AMERICA IS BEAUTIFUL by See Jams is available now at Bandcamp, or pick it up right here!



HOHM RECORDINGS and GIACOMELLI are pleased to announce an excerpt from the new OPUS I-IV LP will be included on a new release from Italian label UNEXPLAINED SOUNDS.

From the liner notes:
"Meditative music listening is like practicing a form of consciously mitigated listening. One learns to remove cognitive filters in order to experience deeper forms of audition. This form of "nonjudgmental perception" was first introduced to western art music in the 1950s by John Cage, who appropriated it from Zen Buddhism. The purpose of nonjudgmental perception in Zen is to break down the boundaries between perceiver and the perceived. When the perceiver and the perceived are two, the ego persists in its function of differentiating and prevents the emergence of a full and creative awareness; non differentiation (or nonjudgmental perception) seeks to break down the boundaries between perceiver as subject and perceived as object. The interpenetration of the two gives rise to a mind of harmony and the attainment of creativity. 
This compilation contains some contemporary pieces by musicians who take into account that concept in their music, giving to the listeners an experience of full unity with the musical matter."

Sounds great! If you haven't picked up OPUS I-IV yet, you can head over to the UNEXPLAINED SOUNDS site to listen to "Opus IV (Evening Cadenza)" on the MEDITATION ROOM release. Click here:

Let The Ambient Synthscape of OPUS I-IV Wash it Away

OPUS I-IV is the latest in cosmic chamber music from Northern Californian composer Giacomelli. Fresh from the analog moog-tastic glory of the LOOSE CANONS mono-synthphonic suite comes the follow-up collection of four original works composed for meditative mediation of the tympanic-pineal threshold. 

OPUS I-IV was recorded using the minimalist techniques of Terry Riley and Fripp & Eno at the warm confines of the composers own home studios, over the course of four days in late April 2016, using only a MicroKorg synthesizer and a Yamaha PYT 300 plugged into a unique delay chain. 

Ambient music connoisseurs and psychonauts alike will find much to dive into on the new LP, Giacomelli's sophomore solo release on the HOHM RECORDINGS label, as the hyperactive 8-bit themes of LOOSE CANONS 2.0 are replaced with spaced-out polyphonic drones and biometric harmonic runs which trickle across the spectra like the euphoric assurance of songbirds celebrating the rising sun in these new improvised compositions for synthesizer & stomp box. 

Full tracklist as follows: 

Opus I - Geodesic Homes (Organissimo Concerto) 
Opus II - Aspirations, (or Dance of the Double Helix; for piano & woodwind) 
Opus III - Cuando Bolero (Piano Scherzo) 
Opus IV - Evening Cadenza (for organ & woodwind) 

OPUS I-IV by Giacomelli is available now at iTunes, Bandcamp, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby, and all other major digital outlets. 

For more information: 


Beach Sloth reviews LOOSE CANONS 2.0

Beach Sloth has posted a very complimentary review of GIACOMELLI'S new electronic release. "Effortlessly blending together elements of classical minimalism and chiptune, Giacomelli’s “Loose Canons 2.0” radiates joy. With sunny melodies present throughout the album the textures shimmer and shine." 
Read more at and pick up the digital version via bandcamp or iTunes today!

GIACOMELLI scores an analog 8-bit blast with LOOSE CANONS

On July 12 2016, GIACOMELLI and HOHM RECORDINGS will release an epic soundtrack of original video game music and sounds performed on vintage 70's analog synthesizers.

Loose Canons 2.0 is the official soundtrack to the the unreleased video game adaptation of the Loose Canons song suite, as composed on the Micromoog synthesizer by S. Giacomelli and arranged into ten separate tableaux.

Recorded by SG at West Coast Hohm Studio Sound Lab in Silicon Valley, April 2016. Mastered by Jason Hatfield at Hatfield Digital in Santa Cruz, CA, June 2016.

Available at the HOHM RECORDINGS webstore or at

Two Classic Singles from SEE JAMS

SEE JAMS have posted 2 classic love songs from the archives to share with your valentine. Get the crowd-pleasing smash hit “Bugs Don’t Drive Cars” in live and studio form, plus the cosmically forlorn “Girl Can’t You See” b/w the instrumental take and the rare cut descriptively titled “The Soul Song” at the following links:

HYPOLUXO’s Explosive Debut Out Now!

Brent D’Elia and Steve Giacomelli once served time in THE STRAND, an experimental power pop outfit from Gainesville FL that somehow garnered allusions to Journey, Fugazi, and Roxy Music. Reunited by time and wi-fi but divided by geography, they have recorded 9 new songs of sun-fried and moon-drenched post-hardcore Americana. 


Pick up the limited edition CD at or get the digital edition right here at the Hohm Recordings webstore.