Giacomelli’s recent electronic output sees the embrace of the west coast tradition of composers inspired by the Golden State in their survey of the innerstates, as well as a melding of 1970’s Berlin and Dusseldorf sounds for epic analog synthscapes of phantasmagorical proportions.

As a veteran of the underground Gainesville FL music scene, Giacomelli’s dual experimental and hook-laden sensibilities were on display in multiple bands in the early 2000’s. Chief among these was The Ohm, an instrumental four-piece with a varied m.o. of instant composition, epic psychedelic noise-pop and environmental enhancement, which he formed with high school friend James Barreto (ANCIENT RIVER/SonyEMI) and Zachary Veltheim and Mark Miller, both of the legendary South Florida DIY-slacker-funk-party band Leak Sour. 

With stints in the bands See Jams, The Strand, Hypoluxo, Destroyeur, ASS, and various session work, Giacomelli has stretched compositionally into classic popular song forms, from doo-wop to metal to orchestral pop to country to surf rock to soul to baroque pop to hip-hop to americana to spoken word soundtrack to blues to ambient, all the while honing theoretical melodic approaches and atmosphere exploration that would ultimately express themselves after relocating to his ancestral home of California.

The newest full-length, Weather Calculator, was recorded at the composers own West Coast Hohm Studios Sound Labs, and follows the Loose Canons and Opus I-IV suites with a diversity of immersive atmospheres, from the ominous minimalism of the lead-off single "Nimbus Villainy" to the drifting rejuvenating comfort of the exploratory three-part title suite.


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